Pneumatisches Austragegerät für 2-komponentige Polyurethansysteme in Kartuschenkonfektionierung.

  • Hohe Robustheit und lange Lebensdauer.
  • Einfache Handhabung.
  • Pneumatischer Antrieb.
The DEKOMIX®-400 P pneumatic cartridge dispenser enables you to rapidly and economically dispense LIQUITOL®-FK2 C and LIQUITOL®-HDD from two-chamber cartridges.

DEKOMIX®-400 P : Industries and solutions

Applying LIQUITOL®-HDD using DEKOMIX®-400 P
Two-chamber cartridges make the application of LIQUITOL®-HDD and LIQUITOL®-FK2 C an exceptionally easy and safe process. The DEKOMIX®-400 P facilitates application from a cartridge. Thanks to its pneumatic drive, application is even and highly efficient. The DEKOMIX®-400 P is an essential tool for the application of corrosion prevention coatings in station construction and during trenchless pipe installation.