All-round mastic sleeve solution for protecting welded seams on steel pipes against corrosion.

  • For operating temperatures up to +60°C (+140°F).
  • Two-layer system.
  • Sandblasting the steel surface and preheating are not required.
  • Fulfils EN 12068-C 50, DIN 30672-C 50 and ISO 21809-3; Type 14A-1.
  • Outstanding lap shear strength and peel strength.
  • DEKOTEC®-MTS55 is a heat-shrinkable sleeve consisting of an electron beam cross-linked polyethylene carrier film and an adhesive based on a polymer-modified bitumen for corrosion prevention on welding seams in steel pipes.
  • DEKOTEC®-MTS55 is applied directly to ST2-cleaned surfaces in accordance with ISO 8501-1.
  • Sandblasting is not required, and there is no need to apply a primer.

DEKOTEC®-MTS55 : Industries and solutions

DEKOTEC®-MTS55 is ideal as a field joint coating on pipelines with design temperatures of up to +70°C (+158°F), such as gas and water pipelines.

The time-consuming preheating process is no longer required, resulting in significant time and cost savings and reducing the risk of mistakes during application. Even at very low or very high temperatures, DEKOTEC®-MTS55 continues to meet all requirements.