Mastic sleeve with extreme shrink rate for protecting pipe joints and connections against corrosion.

  • For operating temperatures up to +60°C (+140°F).
  • For extreme variations in diameter.
  • No primer required.
  • Fulfils EN 12068-C50 and ISO 21809-3; Type 14A-1.

DEKOTEC®-MTS55 HS65 is a heat-shrinkable sleeve with an extreme shrinking capacity of 65%. It is comprised of a robust electron beam cross-linked polyethylene carrier film and a bitumen-based coating.

The sleeve is quick and easy to apply, even to pre-installed components, without the need for a primer, saving you time and money. For use in warm climates or on components that are subject to periodic maintenance, you can use PLASTELEN®-PF Mastic HT to prevent notch effects on screw heads.

DEKOTEC®-MTS55 HS65 : Industries and solutions


The high shrinking capacity makes the DEKOTEC®-MTS55 HS65 ideal for use on pipe joints and connections as well as on couplings or flanges. The sleeve guarantees permanent corrosion protection and a long service life of the components.