Solvent-based primer for BUTYLEN tapes and tape systems

  • Perfectly adapted to BUTYLEN tapes and tape systems.
  • Outstanding resistance against cathodic disbondment.
  • For steel and other metal surfaces.
  • Compatible with factory coatings made of PE, PP, FBE, PU, CTE and bitumen.
  • Dries fast and is easy to apply.

BUTYLEN-HT/-MT Primer is an integral part of all BUTYLEN tape systems and is applied as a primer before BUTYLEN tapes are wrapped around the metal surface and the factory coating. BUTYLEN-HT/-MT Primer is available in two versions, based on two different solvents with different volatilisation ranges. These two versions allow you to create optimum application conditions in both cold and warm climates.

BUTYLEN-HT/ -HT25/ -MT25 : Industries and solutions

BUTYLEN-HT/-MT Primer has been used successfully worldwide in extreme climate conditions, functioning as the perfect base for all BUTYLEN tapes applied to metal surfaces and factory coatings. BUTYLEN-HT/-MT Primer is the ideal foundation for resilient and long-lasting corrosion protection.